Frequently Asked Questions


What does 'Bullfrog Powered' mean?

It means that thanks to our partnership with 'Bullfrog Power' we are proud to offer the ONLY driver training programs in our community that are 100% carbon neutral. 

That means when you choose Roadworthy you're helping to fight climate change!   

How can I pay?

We take cash, cheque, debit, credit card, or e-transfer (send to You can make a credit card payment over the phone or give us a payment when you come for a lesson for class. 

How do I schedule my driving lessons?

Call or text your instructor and they'd be happy to schedule you in for a lesson. They'll find a time that works for your schedule. We can do lessons early before work/school, during free periods, after school, evenings, & weekends.

Please Note: Lessons are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and the earlier you let us know you'd like to arrange a lesson the more flexibility we can offer you. 

How long does it take to finish the Full Course?

Once you complete your classroom time you'll have a minimum of 10 hours to complete. Most people take 3 - 6 months to complete their training but this varies based on which in-car package you select and your instructors availability.  

Do you offer pick-up and drop-off?

We're pleased to offer the convenience of local pick-up/drop-off for all in-car lessons including to-from: 

  • Local High Schools (C.E.C., S.C.A., C.C.A., Ecole Acadienne)
  • Truro, Bible Hill, Valley, Hilden, Etc.
  • Not sure if you're local? Just ask and we'd be happy to confirm if you qualify for pick-up/drop-off based on your location.  

What do we do on test day?

We meet an hour before the test, do a 'warm-up' drive and then show up at Access NS for your scheduled test time. The test is 30 minutes and then there's some paperwork after. Please allow about 2 hours total for the test process.